Bisaya Espesyal

Kitang mga bisaya mga gwapo! bisag pangit usahay pero patsada...
Matud nila ako dili angay, nga mag mangga sa imo ugma, matud mo ako dili malipay kay wa akoy bahandi nga kanimo igasa. gugmang putli mao day pasalig,maoy bahandi labaw sa bulawan,matud nila ka-anogon lamang. bow thank you.

Chester Chiong a.k.a WANGYU

Philippines-Brazil in Asia

Philippines-Brazil in Asia
By: Yoon Yang Shik

I sometimes listen to the national anthem of Brazil when I’m blue. I have no idea what the song is exactly telling about but the rhythm and powerful sound boosts me up every time I listen to it. Surprisingly, the Philippine national anthem which I listened by chance on Youtube gave me an impression similar to Brazil’s. The Philippine national anthem is like a march song to me. It reminds me of my army service times 5 years ago.

Libro nga mga binisaya


Can you tell me where to get children's book that is in Bisaya? I am desperate to have some for my two sons to learn Bisaya. Also if you could tell me if there are children DVD's that is in Bisaya as well, would be great.

Any suggestions and comments would be much appreciated. Nangihanglan lang jud ko kay basi mouli ko diha sa Cebu then maka palit kon makahibalo ko asa. Salamat sa tanan.



Lee Sang Gu Experience in CELI

By: Lee Sang Gu

Yoon Yang Shik Experience in CELI

By: Yoon Yang Shik (Basie)

Korea Tour

Korea Tour
By: Lee Sang Gu “Lee”

Japan Tour

Japan Tour
By: Aya Sanetoh “Aya”

Come and Learn in CELI

Come and Learn in CELI
By: Sumika Yasue

Lovers in CELI

Lovers in CELI
(A Short Drama)

By: Le Hai Nguyen (Le) and Jung Young Suk (Diane)
Literary Arts Club Students
It was a sunny day in CELI where students were busy studying English. Trang, a new student - a pretty girl from Vietnam had just arrived. She stayed in the cafeteria to take a quench. Woo Sung, a Korean guy approached her.

Woo Sung: Hello. You’re a new student, right?
Trang: Yes. I just arrived here last Sunday.
Woo Sung: I see… me too!
Trang: Oh, really?
Woo Sung: No… Actually, I’m just kidding!!!
Trang: You’re hilarious! And you can speak English pretty well!

Bohol Trip

Bohol Trip
By: Kyung Mi Moon (May)

I want to go Bohol. So now, I will just try to plan for the Bohol trip. Bohol is not very far from Cebu. So, if you stay in Cebu like me, you can go to Bohol easily but you know, the security of Philippines is not perfect. So I need a companion. Fortunately, I already have my husband.

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