A writing contest, how can we benefit from

A writing contest, how can we benefit from

In my opinion, there are a lot of benefits from sports. I think that sports gives
us many important things with regards to health.
First, you can get good health form sports activity. After sports, even during playing some sports, you can sweat a lot. Sweating leads not to remain
harmful inside your body. It is very important for you to keep your body

An Unforgettable Experience to Brag

An Unforgettable Experience to Brag
By Teacher Rowena Camocamo

“Teaching is a noble task as we say.” Despite all the shortcomings I encountered as an ESL instructor, still, I could say that I am honored and fortunate to be given the opportunity to teach foreign students who are in thirst of learning English. Indeed, this experience is worth remarkable and unforgettable. Life wouldn’t be momentous with struggles. As a teacher and as a person in general, we must be optimistic even amidst the tremendous storm. Right then…you’ll just wake up with laurels on your head.

Helpful Hints on How to Study English

Helpful Hints on How to Study English
By: Teacher Dina Lao

Learning a new language is not easy. However, if you are willing to spend enough time to do it then I know that it will be realized. I have prepared some practical suggestions for studying effectively, overcoming anxiety and practicing skills necessary for English language learning. These are:

1. STUDY everyday! I know you can do it. Hehehe…

2. DISTRIBUTE your study time. Make a study timeline and focus on a different task each time: vocabulary now, grammar next, etc.

A Weekend Diary

A Weekend Diary
By: Morihiro Nakayama

CELI Experience of Kenji Mukai

CELI Experience of Kenji Mukai
By: Kenji Mukai

I have improved my English skills for 2 months. When I arrived in CELI, I couldn’t speak, listen, write or read well. But now, I can though there’s still a lot of improvement needed. My purpose in coming here is to study English, so I think it’s more or less achieved. Although I must continue to study English in Japan, choosing CELI was correct. I think so. While staying in CELI I also enjoyed doing other activities like going to the beach. I haven’t been to a very clear sea before. The discovery was unexpected. Thus I have enjoyed.

The Art of English

The Art of English
by: Teacher Dave Garrison

Before you begin studying English, you should ask yourself a few questions.
• Why do I want to study English?
• What are my objectives in life?
• What do I hope to achieve by improving my English communication skills?

My Hobby

My Hobby
By: Yuichiro Sawai

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ANG KAHOY (The Tree)

ni Edgie Polistico

Nagtindog sulod sa mga katuigan
Mahilomong nagpuyo
Nagaawit uban sa hinuyohoy
Naningkamot sa pagtubo

Milipang uban sa kinaiyahan
Gipahimsog ang mga gamot ug sanga
Gawasnong binuhat
Para sa mga binuhat nga gawasnon

Tigpanalipod sa yuta
Batok sa mapintas nga kinaiyahan
Nagpandong sa mga nilalang
Nagsangga sa mga katubigan

Pangandoy makab-ot ang langit
Diha sa pailub nga pagtubo
Maunongong gamot mikupkop sa yuta
Pakamatyan niya ang pagbiya


Smelly Trip

Smelly Trip
By: Yuichi Katsumata

Seashells which were given by the tour guide as souvenirs smelled. I’ve been to Olango Island last week. This island is famous for the sanctuary for birds and fish. I did have two exciting experiences. First one was climbing a coconut tree. I tried to catch coconuts but to no avail. I managed to get to one-third as high as whole height. And the other one was visiting graves. The graves were so different from those of Japan in sizes and shapes.

My Memorable Experience

My Memorable Experience
By: Min Su Kang (Matt)

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