My family! my father, my mother, my two ate my one younger sister and our only one and apple of the eye
brother-we are seven, we live in a small house and we live in a castle home.
We have misunderstandings, we are open,& we help each other.
Sometimes i cried because they treat me as not a member in our family, they always make me as their fun when they get stressed, they tease me" ah your so in love with mr.guy", but not so...absolutely.

Too Hard

When i enter in a university, i felt so happy..
imagine in a university, with many floors, ramps and offices unlike in high school.
I encounter different faces: oblong, square, circle, triangle;
I mingle with my new friends, my new enemies;
I felt insecure, i felt proud, i felt blessed enough,
I had tried to study without learning, difficult in adjusting in my new surroundings,
I had been making fun,


Can I ask some advices my dear readers and bloggers?
Is it right to still love the person even you know that he has someone else?
Is it true that when a person ashame to look at you, he has a feeling for you?

Oh my God.I want to be, to be....nonono.....
tutubi, mabuti pa.
Free to do everything...can express the feelings to the flowers, can kiss, can hug, and can touch the soft skin.
Be with the flowers all night and day long,
Always at side ready to protect the insects.

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nag baktas baktas ko sa rizal park
nakadungog ko ug iro nga nagbark
bantog ra diay ang iro miusig
nakakita diay ug chiks na astig
pag lingi nako paska jud gwapaha
nagtapad sila sa iyang mama
mura jud siyag si kristine hermosa
makalugwa ug mata kung makakita ka
taud-taud lang akong napansin
ang iyang mader perti katulin
makatan-aw sa akong dagway
mura jud siyag nngitag away
nahadlok ko ug misutoyg lakaw
kay basin unya ug magkayagaw
nag heart2 man gud ang akong mata
kay katong bayhana perti kong iboga
oras ning labay wala jud ko kaantos
ako siyang gibalik ug nagpakilimos
sa iyang gugma ngadto kanako
ning sipat si mader ang mata ning dako
 "kalma lang te ug ako ikonsenti
sa imong dalagang makaakit permi

Kul ni Bay

Maayo...maayo... I just passed by here and I found out that this site is really cool. I will make my Visayan poem and it should be live by next week. I am working on short stories, poems and novels. You can email me at lheitts82 (at) yahoo (dot) com. For the meantime check out my blogs:

Same Word Repeated 7 Times Forms A Sentence

The book says that a sentence is a word or group of words that
expresses a complete thought.

In my place, Loon, Bohol, repeating the word "ang"
many times (the longest is 7) can form a sentence.
A sentence for me is a group of words that can be understood.

The lead question is: "Nganong nahog man nang bata?"

Answer: Ang ang, ang ang ang, ang ang.

"Alang-alang, ang ang-ang (steps), alang-alang.

This is a very acceptable form in Loon, Bohol. Meaning, it can be understood.
Can this give way to the Guiness Book? Any bloody retaliations? Hehehehe.

I need help translating this please :)

can you please translate this?

girl 1:char!!!kana ba imong groom imung pasabot weng??hehehehe

girl 2: ah in toyo in toyo na ka ha...

girl 3:yw na dra bai..nktawa kog 10sec sa imng comment,dai..gigitik jd

me:Naks nman... Good luck to the both of you

girl 1:hahaha...suya mn diay...=))

A word of Appreciation

I really appreciate the author and maker of this website! I love Visayan dialect. Thank you very much now I can learn bisaya. I'm looking forward to learning more from this website and the other people who's willing to teach this wonderful dialect.

Srilan Maranan

New to Visayan

I am an american working in Iraq, my fiance' is from CDOC. Since we have been together I have become very intriuged with the Visayan language. Does anyone know the best way to start learning and and helpful website that will help? I have learned some but I want to be able to understand the words full meaning as I go, I know that some words have many different meanings as they do in English; I just want to be able to converse with her in Visayan.

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Ang Higala kong Ongo (Balak)

Ginama alang sa usa ka higala

May higala akong ongo.
dili siya ongo sa kabo.
dili sad siya dautan ug dawo,
pero siya ang pinaka-maanyag nga ongo.

Kusog mokatawa bisag nagkalisod na.
Isog ug lig-on bisag nasakitan na.
Ipa-agi ug pahiyom ang iyang kagutom,
kay andam mo sakripisyo sa mga walay kaon.

Si ongo ang tipo sa babaeng mapahimuslanon,
Pagpahimos sa panahon nga kamo nagkaipon.
Kaniya, iya gyud kang higalaon.
Aron sa kanunay siya, imong mahandom.

Ug karon niabot na ang takna ug higayon,
ang adlaw nga sakit pamalandungon.

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