Default accent location

When I search the dictionary, I notice that a lot of words don't have the accent markings.  I read somewhere else, that the accent falls on the next-to-last syllable, unless there is an overriding accent mark in dictionaries.

Is this the standard for dictionary?  It seems like it so far, but I just want to be certain.


Daghang salamat!

I don't think so

I think non-accentuated vowels are read at certain length. Accents are there either to prolong (e.g. á/ā), or to cut (read with a glottal stop. Instead of writing uʔ for example, the dictionary uses û as a signifier that the vowel is to be pronounced with an added glottal plosive at the end).

Think of Cebuano as C-V with occasional C-V-C-silent syllables. For example "suta" (verify) has the syllables "su" and "ta" with their vowels un-accentuated therefore each syllable are to be read in the same length /su - ta/ or as per the dictionary, /su.ta/.

For words with accents, "búgû" (dumb/idiot) has the syllables "bú" and "gû". They are to be read something like "boo-guʔ".

Actually, I don't really know if the dictionary follow these pronunciation rules. I am giving this from the perspective of a Cebuano. I hope the creators of the dictionary would verify this.