Verb-tense Prefix Synonymsm

Hello first time poster!

Though I have been using this website for many years. I would say one of the reasons I am conversationally fluent in Cebuano is in large part due to this website. But one of the things I still have difficulty with is the semantic overlap of various verb-tense prefixes:

To refer to the Future-Tense I have been using the prefixes: Mu-, Ma-, Mag-, & Mang-, virtually interchangly but i dont think this is the case.

Examples sentences to this would be:

  • "Mukaon ko'g isda" - I will eat fish
  • "Mamatay siya" - he/she will die
  • "Magbayad sila'g bill" -they will pay the bill
  • "Mangaon sila sa gawas" - they will eat outside

This can also be seen in Past-Tense as well with the prefixes: Ni-, Mi-, Na-, Nang.

Examples sentences for this would be:

  • "Niadto sila sa umahan" - they went to the farm
  • "Miabot si Jesus sa Herusalem" - Jesus arrived in Jerusalem

I was wondering are there differences in usage or meaning between these various prefixes or do they all synomymously  denote Future/Past-Tense respectively?

Is what prefix we use for a given verb determined by convention or  are there actual rules to how one employs these various prefixes?

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