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Mangutana lang ko if there is an alternative bisaya word for "wall" aside from bungbong. I'm not sure kung there's another word but when I lived in Bohol, I remembered an alternate word for it but I'm ashamed to admit na as a bisaya I forgot that simple word.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

Different Cebuano words for wall/fence

Hello. I think bungbong is the most simple Cebuano word for wall if you mean bungbong sa balay. You can use dingding as an alternative. Example: Gisab-it niya ang orasan sa dingding.

If you mean a concrete/stone wall surrounding a house, city (walled city) and the like, the common Cebuano word for wall is paril. Example: Nagpatukod ko og paril sa balay ingong depensa batok sa kawatan. We can also conjugate that to form a verb. Example: Noy, nganong nagpaparil na man ka nga wala pa man hisayri ang utlanan sa imong yuta?

There is one word, though, that is, pader, but I personally do not use that because it sounds Tagalog. And it is also uncommon in our place to use pader.

But if it is just an enclosure or fence, you can use labat, alad (a'd), or koral.

May this can help.