YOGA Class in CELI

YOGA Class in CELI
by: Yasuhiko

To improve one’s health, create balance and relax the mind, CELI offered three yoga sessions. Benice Lin, a Taiwanese student, dedicated two hours for each session. We are grateful for her generosity in imparting some breathing techniques for health improvement, creating balance and relaxing the mind.

Here is a comment from a student:

Experience in Cebu

Experience in Cebu
By: Lee Seong Hun (Hun)

I arrived in Cebu 6 months ago. I first met with Vietnamese students. Their names are David and Romeo. We made friends with each other. We always had fun in Cebu. In my opinion, Cebu is a serene city. Sometimes it gets boring but sometimes it’s interesting. So searched for interesting places. Cebu has many beautiful beaches. We like the beaches and the ocean in Cebu. The ocean water is really clean. We spend less time on having fun and more time on studying. It’s true. Trust me!
Experience in Cebu
By: Choi Yun Hyun (Yun)

CELI Trivia's

* "Whence" means "from where," so "from whence" is redundant.

* The word 'news' did not come about because it was the plural of 'new.' It came from the first letters of the words North, East, West and South. This was because information was being gathered from all different directions.

* In 1945 a computer at Harvard malfunctioned and Grace Hopper, who was working on the computer, investigated,found a moth in one of the circuits and removed it. Ever since, when something goes wrong with a computer,it is said to have a bug in it.

Tips for New Students!

Tips for New Students!

Written by Ami, Din, and J

Welcome to CELI!! We would like to give you some advice for your school life. We hope you find this useful for your stay in CELI.

1. How to use “Jeepney”

“Jeepney” is the most famous public transportation in CEBU. If you get used to “Jeepney”, you can get close to enjoying CEBU life. Usually, the destination is written on the windshield of Jeepney. So, check it first, and then let the “Jeepney” stop. The minimum fare is P7.

CELI ⇒ Marina Mall (Save More) P7
CELI ⇒ Gaisano-Mactan P8


26th of July 2009 from Heather

Today we went to the swimming pool. People swim in the pool. But I cant swim and my friend Linsey too. We were bored so we took pictures with Linsey, Lucy, Tiara and teacher. We took beautiful pictures in some places. We took many pictures. After we were very hungry so we ate hotdog and drank cola with Linsey.

26th of July 2009 from Tim

Today was funny. I had breakfast and took some nap. I had lunch and went to swimming pool. I drank a lot of swimming pool water. But I was very happy.

A Plantation Bay

By: Anna

Plantation Bay is near “Maribago”. The place was famous for us but it is expensive. Its entrance fee is P2,000.00 for us to have two rooms. One room is almost P13000.00 for four persons.Plantation Bay was fantastic! There are a lot of pools and plenty of married couples. The ambiance is good. I want to go to that place again next time.


By: Sindy

Kalawisan Fishing Village

Two of the things I like most are yummy food and go somewhere wild for fishing. I was eager to find out the places which can serve these few things in Cebu. Last week, my teacher Jennifer told me there is a place that serves what I want; it’s called “Kalawisan Fishing Village”. So I went to there last weekend.

Gion Festival

By: Hiroki Yokoyama

Do you know Kyoto? Kyoto is the most traditional city in Japan and it was the capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years until 19th century. In Kyoto, there are lots of temples, shrines, and any other traditional things, so if you come to Kyoto, you can really enjoy Japanese culture. Although Kyoto doesn’t offer you all seasons, it becomes the most exciting city especially in summer because there is one very amazing and attractive festival.

A Festival for Me

By; Yuichi

(1st Prize Writing Contest-May 2009)

Every time I go to festivals in Japan, I remember a little gold fish and my girlfriend. When I was a university student, I lived in Kyoto, which is one of the ancient cities in Japan. Many traditional cultures still remain there and every year a big festival is held. Its name is “Gion Festival”.

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