A Plantation Bay

By: Anna

Plantation Bay is near “Maribago”. The place was famous for us but it is expensive. Its entrance fee is P2,000.00 for us to have two rooms. One room is almost P13000.00 for four persons.Plantation Bay was fantastic! There are a lot of pools and plenty of married couples. The ambiance is good. I want to go to that place again next time.


By: Sindy

Kalawisan Fishing Village

Two of the things I like most are yummy food and go somewhere wild for fishing. I was eager to find out the places which can serve these few things in Cebu. Last week, my teacher Jennifer told me there is a place that serves what I want; it’s called “Kalawisan Fishing Village”. So I went to there last weekend.

Gion Festival

By: Hiroki Yokoyama

Do you know Kyoto? Kyoto is the most traditional city in Japan and it was the capital of Japan for more than 1,000 years until 19th century. In Kyoto, there are lots of temples, shrines, and any other traditional things, so if you come to Kyoto, you can really enjoy Japanese culture. Although Kyoto doesn’t offer you all seasons, it becomes the most exciting city especially in summer because there is one very amazing and attractive festival.

A Festival for Me

By; Yuichi

(1st Prize Writing Contest-May 2009)

Every time I go to festivals in Japan, I remember a little gold fish and my girlfriend. When I was a university student, I lived in Kyoto, which is one of the ancient cities in Japan. Many traditional cultures still remain there and every year a big festival is held. Its name is “Gion Festival”.

Eccentric Nori

By: Ami Morinaga “Ami”

DongSu Kim “Din”

HyeJung Oh “J”

Noritaka Tsutsumi also known as (a.k.a) Nori, a

Japanese student in Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI)

traveled from SM City – Cebu to CELI Residences on foot.

It sounds absolutely challenging but he did it anyway.

Our group conducted an interview with him at C-Spot about his journey.

Literary Arts Club (LAC): We have heard that you hiked from SM City to CELI. It sounds quite a long journey. Why did you choose to walk by yourself?

How Well Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Kids’ Camp: Welcoming Visitors or Little Rascals?

by: Oh, Hyejung “J”

On July 19 (Sunday), some unavoidable noise woke some CELI students up in the middle of the night. Where was the noise from? Some students in their pajamas with messy hair soon spotted that eighty-two students and twelve guardians just landed in CELI Island. That peaceful and quiet Mactan Island has started to be crowded. In other words, Kids’ camp has just started. ALERT, CELI students! This place is not our cozy shelter anymore for a good while.

“My Baguio Trip”

An excerpt from an e-mail of Hella
July 19, 2009 (Sunday) 8:39A.M.

Hi teacher,

How have you been? How is your work going? Any new students? Well talking about me,

My Trip to Bohol Island

By: Sindy

(Excerpt from CELISTIAL June - July 2009 issue)

My favorite trip is coming.Saturday morning, my friends and I assembled in the Celi’s lobby at 8:30 A.M. We waited for the bus that will take us to the pier. Everyone was expecting this trip.After two hours on the boat voyage, we arrived in Bohol Island smoothly. Even though it was raining, we still felt happy and excited.

What is Your Most Unforgettable Experience?

If you’re from CELI, go for about five minutes by car, you can find Mactan Shrine. Mactan Shrine is the place where Lapu-lapu, who was the chief of Cebu Island before, fought with Spanish military unit. A leader of that unit was Magellan who was killed by Lapu-lapu. After that, Philippines built the shrine to praise in honor of him. Last Friday my friends and I decided to go Mactan Shrine. Before we went there, we heard about it from many people. They always appreciate the beauty of the place and its heroic history.

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