Does a Cebuano - English Dictionary have Mesbateno

I am looking to purchase some Cebuano - English dictionaries that has translations for MESBATENO 
Does this exist?


Masbateño is a different language

First off, the spelling is "Masbateño" (pronounced: "MASS-Bah-Ten-Yoh"). It's Spanish, literally meaning "that of Masbate province". That would help you find more accurate results.

Secondly, Masbateño is a Visayan language, but it is a completely different language from Cebuano. They are somewhat mutually intelligible (to a similar extent as Hiligaynon is mutually intelligible with Cebuano), but I doubt anyone would have dictionaries with both.

That said, the closest language to Masbateño is Hiligaynon (Ilonggo). Finding a dictionary on that might help better than a Cebuano one.