Lovers in CELI

Lovers in CELI
(A Short Drama)

By: Le Hai Nguyen (Le) and Jung Young Suk (Diane)
Literary Arts Club Students
It was a sunny day in CELI where students were busy studying English. Trang, a new student - a pretty girl from Vietnam had just arrived. She stayed in the cafeteria to take a quench. Woo Sung, a Korean guy approached her.

Woo Sung: Hello. You’re a new student, right?
Trang: Yes. I just arrived here last Sunday.
Woo Sung: I see… me too!
Trang: Oh, really?
Woo Sung: No… Actually, I’m just kidding!!!
Trang: You’re hilarious! And you can speak English pretty well!
Woo Sung: Yes, thank you. I have stayed here for 9 months already. That’s why I thank my teachers in CELI for this.
Trang: Hmm… Yeah, I heard teachers in CELI are more excellent than in any other academy in the Philippines. Anyway, it’s the first time for me to be here. I’m not familiar with the place and I have no friends yet. I want to go to the supermarket but I don’t know how to go there.
Woo Sung: Don’t worry I’ll accompany you later. Uhmmm,,, I’m so sorry Ms. Charming Lady, may I know your name?
Trang: Thank you, I’m Trang.
Woo Sung: I’m Woo Sung, nice to meet you here!
Trang: Nice to meet you– Woo S...onz?
Woo Sung: No, no, WOO SUNG.
Trang: (laughing) I’m so sorry WOO SUNG.

Both ate lunch together. They had chit-chats and Woo Sung shared a lot of experiences in CELI. He talked about the places to go in CEBU. After taking their lunch, Trang took an examination and later was oriented. It was indeed a tedious day for the neophyte student.
Woo Sung: How are you feeling today, Trang?
Trang: Fairly good, thank you. How about you?
Woo Sung: Always pretty good (smiling). What can I help you for this afternoon?
Trang: Well, I want to go to a market near here…
Woo Sung: Save More – It’s OK, I intend to buy myself something now, let’s go?
Trang: Yes, Thank you.
Woo Sung: You are welcome!

Day by day, they enjoy their company together, and the Korean guy showed the Vietnamese girl a lot of sightseeing in CEBU. They were comfortable with each other.


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