Accompany - Common Usage?

Hello. I just started studying Cebuano via, and one of the words that I have to learn is 'accompany'. Unfortunately, there are several examples listed for this particular flashcard, so I would like to know which ones (if any) are more commonly used by native speakers, in lieu of learning them all:

Duyog(v.); Pagduyog(v.); kuyog(v.); Pagkuyog(v.); Sabay(v.); Mouban(v.); Uban(v.); Ubanan(v.)

That said, if this word is not commonly used in the first place, I would like to know that as well. For example, in English, we will not usually say 'accompany'...instead, we will say 'go/going/went with' in day-to-day converstations.


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