Poems from Literary Arts Students

Poems from Literary Arts Students

I saw the sea far from the mountains A small island appeared from clouds It was blue as her eyes It was beautiful as her face It was lonely as me Because she was far away from me Forever

* By: Le Hai Nguyen (Le)

See his strong power
See his endless depth
See his broad world
He can see my weak power
He can see shallow depth
He can see my narrow world
But he doesn’t blame
He just waits for me with a smile on his face
That’s why he makes me like him in the future

* By: Song Mi Suk (Michelle)

You look tired, see the sea!
Fish swims busily everyday
If they don’t swim, they will die.
You look tired, look at the sun!
Sun rises healthily everyday
If it doesn’t rise, you will not live

* By: Kim Hye Mi (Sandy) Lee Sang Gu (Lee)