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editing work of Cebuano-German dictionary

I am a retired German lawyer residing in Tabogon, Northern Cebu since 2005. Over the years  I have compiled a a Cebuano- German dictionary based on the available  English- Cebuano dictionaries of  Ben Garcia, John Wolff, Rudolfo Cabonce , and that of the Akademiyang Bisaya.My manuscript has 850 pages and includes also Cebuano names for plants, trees, fish and birds.

For pedagogic reasens most words listed therein are accompanied by short sample sentences in Cebuano and German. As far as possible, I have incorporated quotations from the excellent Cebuano-English Diglot Bible. In the absence of suitable biblical  sample sentences, however, I have construed myself  simple and short sample sentenes in Cebuano and German.Especially those Cebuano sample sentences by me need to be checked and corrected thoroughly. Hence, I am looking for a knowlegable and interested bisayista with sufficient spare time to edit the Cebuano part of my manuscript on a continuous basis. Computer literacy is essential. Command of the German language is not required. In cases of doubt, the editor may contact me for clarification or use 'Google Translate' to obtain a fairly good English translation of a German word or sentence.

My dictionary project is  is purely private and personal triggerd only by my linguistic interest in the Cebuano language. Yet, I am prepared within my financial means as a retiree to compensate the editor or editors for the effort and time spent  by paying sixty Peso per edited page. 

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