Philippines-Brazil in Asia

Philippines-Brazil in Asia
By: Yoon Yang Shik

I sometimes listen to the national anthem of Brazil when I’m blue. I have no idea what the song is exactly telling about but the rhythm and powerful sound boosts me up every time I listen to it. Surprisingly, the Philippine national anthem which I listened by chance on Youtube gave me an impression similar to Brazil’s. The Philippine national anthem is like a march song to me. It reminds me of my army service times 5 years ago.
I could feel vigorous and dynamic energy when I listened to the song. And both countries have some common things. They had been influenced by Latin culture and Catholicism. And so are the hot weather, passion of the people, diverse ethnic make-up and poverty –I don’t have any intention to degrade the Filipinos, so please don’t misunderstand. The times I have had in the Philippines were wonderful just like paradise.I almost couldn’t hold my breath every time I see young Filipino ladies of dazzling beauty. But now is the time to say goodbye to the Philippines and CELI. I always thank the teachers who guided me along to the English world. At CELI, I met many people who gave me a lot of influence and inspiration that would be useful to my way to a happy life. And luckily, I could make international friends who came from Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, Australia and America. Everywhere I went around, everyone I met with, everything I thought of CELI and Cebu will remain in my heart and mind.

Adieu, Philippines and CELI.


Hi Yoon Yang shik, Do you

Hi Yoon Yang shik, Do you have any link about the national anthem of Brazil? I have never listened it, I would like to know.