Tips for New Students!

Tips for New Students!

Written by Ami, Din, and J

Welcome to CELI!! We would like to give you some advice for your school life. We hope you find this useful for your stay in CELI.

1. How to use “Jeepney”

“Jeepney” is the most famous public transportation in CEBU. If you get used to “Jeepney”, you can get close to enjoying CEBU life. Usually, the destination is written on the windshield of Jeepney. So, check it first, and then let the “Jeepney” stop. The minimum fare is P7.

CELI ⇒ Marina Mall (Save More) P7
CELI ⇒ Gaisano-Mactan P8
CELI ⇒ Airport P14
CELI ⇒ SM Mall P20
CELI ⇒ Ayala Center Cebu P21

☆・・・・ You need to transfer to another one. You have to prepare some coins to pay for it. Don't use over P50 bill because some drivers don't have any change.

《Be Careful!!》

1) Sometimes “Jeepney” drivers require passengers higher fare. Don't give in to what they’re asking.
2) Don't fall asleep while riding on the “Jeepney” and you must keep your eye on your bag.

2. How to use “Taxi”

The flag down rate is P30 + P2.5 per 1km.

CELI ⇒ City about P160
CELI ⇒ Airport about P100

As it is hard to catch a taxi at CELI, you had better go to “Marina Mall” and then catch the Taxi. Taxi drivers use a meter during daytime. But sometimes they don't use a meter at night. So you have to check if they use a meter. Otherwise, just tell drivers “PLEASE USE METER!!” If they don't use a meter, you should negotiate the taxi fare with the drivers. Especially taxi drivers can ask you for extra charge when you come back to CELI from Cebu City at night.

In my case, I tell the driver like “You use a meter after I will pay P30 more.” Usually around P30 is proper extra charge. But if they want more than P30, you have to find another taxi.

3. How to buy stationery goods

If you want to buy some stationery goods, I would like to recommend that you go to “Gaisano- Mactan” You can buy all stationery goods on the 2nd floor .You can also buy “USB memory”.

4. Movie theater.

If you want to watch movies, you have two choices.

① SM Mall ⇒ The movie theater of SM Mall has 8 screens. The ticket price depends
on the size of screen. It is from P140 to P200.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that you can be disturbed by some groups of families talking to each other while watching movies. So if you encounter this kind of unpleasant trouble, do not get upset. That is also one of the Filipino cultures.

《Recommended food》
Try “popcorn”in the theater. It is delicious. Of popcorn, “Cheese” flavor popcorn never disappoint you.

② Ayala Center Cebu ⇒ Ayala has 4 screens. The ticket price depends on the movies.
Regular ticket price starts P150. Customers are more likely to be quiet and have good manners. You can enjoy watching calmly.

《Be Careful!!》

You can really enjoy watching a movie in Ayala theater. But don't forget!! It is so cold inside because an air-conditioner works too much. You must bring your jacket!!

5. Beach

I recommend that you go to beaches owned by hotels. There are white beaches and pools, so you can enjoy some activities.

① Tambuli Beach Club East and West
Entrance fee P350 but P300 are usable for meal charge.
② Cebu White Sands
Entrance fee P600 including lunch buffet.
Both of them are located in Maribago. You can take a “Jeepney” and it takes about 15 min.

6. FoodThere are a lot of local foods in the Philippines. You can try everything. But if you really want to eat your country food, you should go to Marina Mall. Marina mall has some restaurants such as Thai food, Korean food, Japanese food and Italian food. You can enjoy the food with reasonable price.

7. How to use ATM

The nearest ATM is located at Big Foot building. It is right next to the entrance so that you cannot miss it.

① Insert your card.
② Press your PIN
③ Press ' FAST CASH ' or ' WITHDARW ' on the screen.
④ Press ' SAVINGS ' on the screen.
⑤ Press the amount that you want to withdraw.

8. Money exchanger

If you want to exchange money, I would like to introduce three money exchangers around CELI.

① Money exchanger in Marina mall

You are supposed to go to this money exchanger after orientation in CELI.( It takes 13minutes by Jeepney.)

② Money exchanger in Gaisano mall

This money exchanger is located on B1F in Gaisano mall.( It takes 20 minutes by Jeepney. )

③ Money exchanger owned by Korean

It takes about 10 minutes on foot in the direction of Maribago. Then, you can discover this small money exchanger. The sign is written in Korean.