Experience in Cebu

Experience in Cebu
By: Lee Seong Hun (Hun)

I arrived in Cebu 6 months ago. I first met with Vietnamese students. Their names are David and Romeo. We made friends with each other. We always had fun in Cebu. In my opinion, Cebu is a serene city. Sometimes it gets boring but sometimes it’s interesting. So searched for interesting places. Cebu has many beautiful beaches. We like the beaches and the ocean in Cebu. The ocean water is really clean. We spend less time on having fun and more time on studying. It’s true. Trust me!
Experience in Cebu
By: Choi Yun Hyun (Yun)

I arrived here 3 weeks ago. On the first week, I went to Save More and exchanged my money. I had a good memory about the beach and scenery. During the weekend I went to Cebu Beach Club. It is a very nice beach and it has good scenery.
During the second week, I went to Tops. Tops has a good view. In tops, we can see everything in Cebu City. I could clearly see the landmarks of Cebu City.

On the third week, I had an experience in the sea. The sea is very beautiful. I have never seen such a beautiful sea. I could see things under the sea. It was a very amazing experience.
Last week, I went to Mountain View. It was my best experience in Cebu. The place is very amazing. I couldn’t go there by taxi because the fare is too expensive. So I went there by motorbike. It was very good. Tops has a better scenery than Mountain View. But in my case, I felt that Mountain View is nicer and more romantic. I don’t know why. I think that Mountain View is the best place in Cebu. I can’t forget the scenery there. I want to go there again.

Experience in Cebu
By: Lee Won Ho (Neo)

I arrived here two months ago. First, I tried many things – going to the beach, casino and shopping. And then I tried scuba diving. This was a very good experience for me.
On the second month, I went to Bohol island. I was a little bored and lonely during the second month because my friends graduated.
Now that I’m on my third month, I sometimes regret that I didn’t do much in the last two months. So I will try to experience more things like visiting islands, bars and clubs. Most of all, I am satisfied with meeting many friends. I am an old man. Sometimes I feel empty but I have some impressions on things. And it is a good memory for me to study in CELI.


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