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serbilyeta [sir.bil.yĆ­.ta.] : napkin (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: servilleta: napkin ]

Derivatives of serbilyeta

n. (artifact)1. napkin, serviette, table napkina small piece of table linen that is used to wipe the mouth and to cover the lap in order to protect clothing.
~ biba napkin tied under the chin of a child while eating.
~ dinner napkina large napkin used when dinner is served.
~ napery, table linenlinens for the dining table.
~ tea napkina small napkin used when tea is served.
n. (artifact)2. diaper, napkin, nappygarment consisting of a folded cloth drawn up between the legs and fastened at the waist; worn by infants to catch excrement.
~ garmentan article of clothing.; "garments of the finest silk"