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paboreyal : peafowl (n.) [langgam]
[ Etymology: Spanish: pavo real: peacock ]
Synonyms: pabon

Derivatives of paboreyal

n. (animal)1. bird of juno, peafowlvery large terrestrial southeast Asian pheasant often raised as an ornamental bird.
~ pheasantlarge long-tailed gallinaceous bird native to the Old World but introduced elsewhere.
~ genus pavo, pavopeafowl.
~ pea-chick, peachicka young peafowl.
~ peacockmale peafowl; having a crested head and very large fanlike tail marked with iridescent eyes or spots.
~ peahenfemale peafowl.
~ blue peafowl, pavo cristatuspeafowl of India and Ceylon.
~ green peafowl, pavo muticuspeafowl of southeast Asia.