What is Your Most Unforgettable Experience?

If you’re from CELI, go for about five minutes by car, you can find Mactan Shrine. Mactan Shrine is the place where Lapu-lapu, who was the chief of Cebu Island before, fought with Spanish military unit. A leader of that unit was Magellan who was killed by Lapu-lapu. After that, Philippines built the shrine to praise in honor of him. Last Friday my friends and I decided to go Mactan Shrine. Before we went there, we heard about it from many people. They always appreciate the beauty of the place and its heroic history. We took a jeep and paid only P7.00 for the fare though it was almost full already but we’re not afraid because people were so kind to us. We arrived at Mactan Shrine easily because of their help.

Mactan Shrine is really a wonderful place. There is no entrance fee. It is totally free for viewing and for picture taking. We saw a Pagoda and a big statue of Lapu-lapu in the middle of the fabulous garden. The place was so relaxing. When night came, a lot of lights were turned on. It makes the place more wonderful. You’ll have peacefulness of mind when you’ll be there. We enjoyed taking pictures with that beautiful place. We bought native coin purse as souvenir.

By the time we need to go back to CELI again, we took another ride and passed other beautiful views. The driver was so friendly and we met a lovely family in the jeep. It was the most unforget table moment I ever had.