EDGIE POLISTICO'S CEBUANO-ENGLISH DICTIONARY includes some commonly used words by Cebuano speakers in Mindanao

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PINOY DICTIONARY - get this Free copy of digital Cebuano-English dictionary


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My digital dictionary is a compilation of Cebuano words for the last 26 years in my life.


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The application features the following:

• Thesaurus-like entries - An array of interrelated entries. Explore this to learn more about related words

• Cross-references - This will also help you find the right word and discover some related entries.

• Mini English dictionary - These embedded sub-entries define some technical, foreign, or difficult words

• Search box - A search tool that extracts all entries containing your English or Cebuano keyword

• Search history - This is designed to easily retrieve previously viewed entries

• Resize Text - Magnifies fonts to four different sizes to aid those who cannot read fine words

• Audio EDGE pronunciation - Learn to pronounce Cebuano words by listening to pronunciation audios *

• Interactive notes and comments - You can write and add your personal notes or comments about the entry

• Book version - Contains samples of the book version of this dictionary for more updated entries*


- An updated list of ZIP Code in the Philippines

- Philippine Foods and Cooking

- Affixes used in Cebuano language

- Philippine Festivals

- English-Cebuano dictionary (sample copy)

- Tagalog-English dictionary (sample copy)

- illustrated help

- Places in the Philippines. 


This includes the following:

• Provinces, cities, towns, districts, some well known barangays and streets

• Philippine group of islands and islets

• Topography, history, legend, and mythology

• Demonyms and the locals

• National and local parks, bodies of water, and nature

• Philippine churches and other religious structures and interests



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