Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI)

Welcome to Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI), a fast- growing international school based in the Philippines with branches in four countries across Asia.

Cleverlearn initially started for the purpose of building confidence in communication with the use of the English language. Achieved through intensive training, students are daily exposed to three different types of classes namely 1:1, 1:4 and 1:8. The school has already catered to foreign nationals from South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Brazil, Russia and Middle East.

Under the Bigfoot group of companies, Cleverlearn today is a pathway center. It continues to expand with the introduction of new products such as Study Abroad Program, Riteway Program, Nursing Program, Overseas Immersion School, Caregiver Program, Exam English and Call Center Training.


Address: Cleverlearn Residences, Saac II, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City
Office Number: +6332 - 495 - 8569 / +6332 - 236 - 9548
Fax Number: +6332 - 495 - 1870
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