Please help me not get scammed

Hello all,
I need to translate something from illong/hiligaynon into English. I'm possibly being scammed. Of someone could translate the following it would be greatly appreciated: "daw makibod nalang ko lab us ah maybe someone can send star to chat da"
And also
"Kun daw mabuang... pag amot baynte ma shat ta"

My heart is breaking here and I really need answers.

Thankyou so much

If it feels wrong, it is

Been in your situation... if it feels wrong and the person is not instilling trust in you, that is their fault. Don't be afraid to leave if its fishy, and they aren't clearing things up. If they can't make you feel confident, that's their problem and usually a sign that they have something to hide. If they are crying and seeming so hurt, and your giving them money, think about the fact that they are probably crying because they will lose money, not because they are losing you... you never know what those tears are about. If you leave now, you may never know what was really up...that can be a blessing, not a curse.

Regarding the translation, you may try the dateinasia website.. there are plenty of native speakers there who will translate. But make sure they are of the province your "friend" is or grew up there and not just a general "visayas" part. A more complete context may also help.