Books written in Cebuano

Hello, I am an English future mother in law to a lovely lady from Cebu, and I would like to know where I can purchase a book written in Cebuano as a welcoming present. I have tried Foyles and online, but I am having great difficulty in finding something that is modern and enjoyable. I would be very grateful for any assistance on any websites or places to go in London or near to London. Thank you in advance, Liz.


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Cebuano books store

I currently live US . I have a Filipino fiancée , Sierra Bullones, Bohol.
I started with Philippine ug Tagalog , to surprise her I learned few words , a phrase. kumusta. Gihigugma Tika , started with Google translation. Over 18;months ago.
Enough said. She quickly informed me dialect Bisaya.
Some Tagalog words do not understand.
Advice for beginners. Learn letter combinations = grammatical ligature Book store site in Philippines,
Click on website, I don't know of any that ship international.