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Hello, I am an English future mother in law to a lovely lady from Cebu, and I would like to know where I can purchase a book written in Cebuano as a welcoming present. I have tried Foyles and online, but I am having great difficulty in finding something that is modern and enjoyable. I would be very grateful for any assistance on any websites or places to go in London or near to London. Thank you in advance, Liz.


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Kumusta / Hello! I'm a student from the US, but my mother happens to be Cebuano. First off would like to say that this gesture is so kind and lovely, whatever you end up getting her I'm sure she will appreciate.

One thing I would like to explain is that in every Cebuano/Bisaya school, they are taught English and Tagalog. So basically, by the time they graduate elementary, they are already pretty proficient in the local language (cebuano), Tagalog (the main Filipino language), and English (the national declared language) and continue to get better as they go through highschool, college etc. This means that you don't have to go on an endless search for Bisaya books because they understand English and Tagalog books all the same. It also happens to be that Bisaya is a lesser known dialect/language so finding texts in it is extremely difficult unless you're reading stuff made by amateur authors on this website named Wattpad. Trust me, I've tried. I went to school there for a short time and the books read by my classmates were always in English or Tagalog.

However, knowing that she knows English+Tagalog opens up a wider selection for your gift to her and Tagalog has many wonderful options to choose from vs Bisaya. I'm sure this isn't the exact answer you're looking for, so I apologise, but I wanted to be transparent and help you in any way possible. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I'll also let you know if I ever find a Bisaya book too. Cheers, Vic