Seeking a native Cebuano speaker with expert English skills. Paying 1250php in bitcoin.



I am looking for someone to translate several pieces of correspondence from Cebuano to English. It's essential that your English skills are nearly on par with someone who was raised speaking English as a first language.

The correspondence includes slang and contextual subtleties that can't be lost in translation (for example, the translation must include the proper pronouns based on the available context). Additionally, any gaps in the conversation must be pointed out if identified by context (deleted message, missing photo, etc.)

I have several documents to translate, but I'll start with one for the aforementioned 1250php (paid in bitcoin...can use BTC address or lightning address). If you are interested, please send me a PM or reply below with your contact details. If we both feel we are a fit, I'll pay half of the fee upfront and the other half when the translation is complete. High probability of additional paid work. 


Seeking a native Cebuano speaker with expert English skills. Pay

Hi, are you still looking for a translator?