Resources for Learning Bisaya?

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Hello everyone,


What resources do you recommend for learning Bisaya?


I have a few small books but they're not written very well and have some mistakes.

One problem I have with reading Bisaya is when people use a lot of slang words and

a few inconsistencies in spellings, for example "ug" versus "og".

That's a simple example but sometimes I see other, bigger words, with different spellings.


I'm hoping to find some good books and maybe audio (spoken slowly) that would help.



Hi Mark, I would recommend a

Hi Mark,

I would recommend a few YouTube channels for you to learn Cebuano.

  • Bisaya Classroom by Jonah
  • Bisayang Dako


About "ug" and "og". Even though they differ on spelling depending by the speaker, they still mean the same thing and that is "and". Spelling inconcistencies are very common in text messages and casual online chatting. I would recommend listening to Cebuano Radio stations and reading Cebuano newspapers. I also recommend joining this FB Group.