Regional variances in binisaya


I am learning both Tagalog and Cebuano. I am English and trying to learn filipino languages is quite challenging for me. I have my own sources which includes newspaper articles, song lyrics and dictionaries. My wife is from Zamboanga Del Norte and she doesnt know alot of the Cebuano words I have been learning. For me its frustrating because the object of y learning is so I can communicate with her family members who dont speak English well.

It would really be useful for me if each word also had a region specific use. So if it is generally used or if it is more specific to a particluar region of Visayas and Mindanao.

Anyways, this website I find to be the best resource for translation, so thank you.

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Surigao Variants

A classmate of mine mentioned that these words are commonly used in Surigao:

  • amu
  • bagan
  • iban
  • idyaw
  • inday
  • ingkud
  • laradyaw
  • radyaw
  • waya