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Kining balayana naggikan ni sa akong pagpaniksik sa mga pamaagi sa atong mga pinulongan.

Ang resulta sa maong pagtuon mao ang programa nga mohagpat sa mga langgikit ug gamot nga pulong. Naglakip kini sa mga sinultian sa Amihanan ug Habagatang bahin sa Sugbo, Binol-anon ug Binisaya sa Mindanaw. Nagtuyok man kining balayana  sa diksyunaryong  Cebuano-English, usa lamang kini ka nangulahing hunahuna.

Andam akong modawat sa inyong  mga komentaryo ug mga sugyot.


This website is an offshoot of my research in Cebuano verbal morphology.

The result of that study was a full Cebuano stemming algorithm. It includes the major Cebuano dialects (North and South), Boholano and Mindanaw.  Although the dictionary had become the focal point of this website, it was an afterthought.

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About your research and me.

WOW! It's great to see that you do research with Cebuano Verb Morphology.  You must be a linguist, are you not? Do you have any published works on your research so far that the public can read about? I'm really interested with what you are researching with. Do you have any websites or anything that you've done so far?

I'm taking an introductory course over linguistics and world languages this semester because I love learning about langauges very much, and it just so happened that I want to learn my mother and her mother's heritage language, Cebuano (the Davao dialect non-city but from the deep province). So that's why I've been so interested with learning Cebuano from practicing with them and on my own as well as making grammar notes from conversation. Since Cebuano is mostly a spoken language, I had to use inductive reasoning to be in the environment and learn the langauge from mistakes and patterns, not heavily on grammar. However, since I also know enough of both Spanish and Tagalog, I've been using them so much to help me out with learning Cebuano.  I am glad that I found this site, it truly helped me with the linguistics and dictionary. Well done!

I hope that I can keep posting my questions and struggles with this language here on the website!