Welcome - Maayong pag-abot !

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Welcome - Maayong pag-abot !

Binisaya is the term we use for our language. It is spoken by about 20 million people in the islands of the Visayas and Mindanao. Mostly it is referred to as Cebuano.


You have a point

I get your point because this site only caters to, mostly Cebuano bisaya so this site should specifically be renamed to Cebuanong Binisaya. But referring to it as Cebuano (Bisaya) as a whole can also make it misleading in my opinion. Because, for example, people in/from Surigao refer to their language/dialect as Bisaya and they speak it differently there. Though it can still be understood by speakers of Cebuano and vice versa, it would be unfair for us to call it Cebuano when it is no longer actually Cebuano.  Can you call it Surigaonon nga Cebuano? Dili ba kiwaw? It would just be unfair. How about the folks in Mindanao? They no longer speak bisaya the way Cebuanos do. Hell, not everyone in Cebu speak the same kind of Bisaya anymore.  I do understand that Cebuano is the mother language or whatever you call it but Bisaya is just what we've always called it and in my opinion should stay that way.

I understand that not everyone in the Visayas speak Bisaya (Cebuano as you'd like to call it).  But maybe, just maybe, we are confusing Visayan from Bisaya? Maybe to be Bisaya just meant that you were from a Bisaya speaking part of the Visayas region? What I'd like to know though is whether the other Non-Bisaya speaking Visayans refer to themselves as Bisaya.  If you ask a Waray if he is Bisaya, would he say yes? Or would he probably say no, and say he is Waray instead? If we nitpick and be technical about it, a Waray is a Bisaya, since he/she resides in the Visayas region. But do they (the Waray) really refer to themselves as such?  This is something I would like to be clarified. 

I am not sure if I only speak for myself or if others share the same thoughts but to me, as I have always been a Cebuano, when I say Bisaya, I have always referred to it as the language and not the region I am from or in.  Maybe we need to have a distinction between a Bisaya (visayan) and a Bisaya (bisaya speaker). Diri nalang ko kutob hurot-hurot akong ininglis da. hehe!