Yoon Yang Shik Experience in CELI

By: Yoon Yang Shik (Basie)

For me, CELI is a good place to learn English. Mactan is far from Cebu City which has many things to distract me from my studies. I can surely say that CELI’s got geopolitical advantages. All teachers, especially Jennifer, are good at English. I have respect for her. While watching some beautiful teachers dance, I felt their explosive passion. I want to say that I had a pleasurable time there. All foods in CELI are delicious. I’m always thankful to the cooks for their endeavour. The only thing that has to be improved is the elimination of the smell of the meat. And I also thank the other CELI staff. They always try to maintain cleanliness and help students have convenience. These are what I have felt in CELI. I just spent 6 weeks in CELI. I can’t forget CELI, the teachers and my international friends when I go back to Korea.