A writing contest, how can we benefit from

A writing contest, how can we benefit from

In my opinion, there are a lot of benefits from sports. I think that sports gives
us many important things with regards to health.
First, you can get good health form sports activity. After sports, even during playing some sports, you can sweat a lot. Sweating leads not to remain
harmful inside your body. It is very important for you to keep your body
clean. In addition, if you are not satisfied with your body, for example, you are too heavy, you can lose weight by playing sports. Although some people try to lose weight by restricting eating food, it is not good for health.

And then, when you can join sports activity you can feel very much refreshed.Actually you have to feel some stress from society, work and relationship between other people. That results from problems for your health and mind.I believe that to be healthy is not only good condition of the body but also keeping good feeling every time. In this point, sports makes you release some stress and help you be in a good condition.

Secondly, when you play some sports you can get many friends more easily than normal living. It is because whenever you participate in a team you have to cooperate with other people. It appears that you can talk to some people who you have never talked before at sports situation.

I have good reasons for this opinion. When I was a high school student, I had belonged to a tennis club for 6 years. Of course I like tennis very much, but it was very hard for me to practice everyday. Sometimes I thought I quit taking part in tennis club and wanted to be absent. However, I was always sustained by my teammates. They noticed that I almost gave up and cheered me whenever I felt depressed. Even if I wanted to choose quitting team I could continue because of them. Moreover, I always could feel achievement after playing tennis. Having the goal of my sports made my life wealthier. As a result, I got unforgettable memory from sports.

Therefore you can accept a lot of benefit from sports. Sports is wonderful and very exciting.It is necessary for everyone to join sports.