An Unforgettable Experience to Brag

An Unforgettable Experience to Brag
By Teacher Rowena Camocamo

“Teaching is a noble task as we say.” Despite all the shortcomings I encountered as an ESL instructor, still, I could say that I am honored and fortunate to be given the opportunity to teach foreign students who are in thirst of learning English. Indeed, this experience is worth remarkable and unforgettable. Life wouldn’t be momentous with struggles. As a teacher and as a person in general, we must be optimistic even amidst the tremendous storm. Right then…you’ll just wake up with laurels on your head.

I would like to quote something, “Go far as you can see, when you are there, Go farther and reach the zenith of your dreams.”
One thing I look forward to coming to school is the meaningful friendships I’ve gained. The moment I see these people’s faces, I know I’ll get by. :-)

By: Teacher Sharon Casayan