Smelly Trip

Smelly Trip
By: Yuichi Katsumata

Seashells which were given by the tour guide as souvenirs smelled. I’ve been to Olango Island last week. This island is famous for the sanctuary for birds and fish. I did have two exciting experiences. First one was climbing a coconut tree. I tried to catch coconuts but to no avail. I managed to get to one-third as high as whole height. And the other one was visiting graves. The graves were so different from those of Japan in sizes and shapes.
Actually, I was not a typical tourist which the guide gets interested in me. I asked him if I could go to his house and see the inside of it. He was surprised but after a few seconds allowed me to go there.

When we arrived at the house, his family members welcomed me and served dishes. I talked to them about Detective Conan and Dragonball Z. In addition, the neighbor told me that he would like to sell a cock for derby. But I denied his offer because I had a small bag. Finally, another neighbor said to me pointing out his daughter, “This girl is the most beautiful girl in this island.” I couldn’t understand what it really meant but in an instant I found out that it was the suggestion of marrying with her.
The time to leave had come and then the tour guide gave me souvenirs; ten seashells. They were not as beautiful as those in the souvenir shops, and what was worse, those were smelling.

They reason why they smelled was, he said, that he caught them for me a few minutes ago and scooped out the substances inside for souvenirs which made me deeply moved. Now, the seashells still smell in my room but the smell includes a number of good memories. I will never wash them but instead, I’ll keep them for my entire life.