Old Cebuano books available for preview and proofreading.

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I'm preparing a few Cebuano books for Project Gutenberg. The following two are nearing completion, and can be previewed over here. If you feel so inclined, please also proofread those texts, and inform me of any issue that are still in them.

And dila sa babaye, by Vincente Sotto, from 1905

This is a play in three acts, which (incidentally) also shows the language situation in Cebu 108 years ago: the people speak Cebuano, the Spanish priest Spanish, and the American Judge English; finally a Sergent says a few lines in Tagalog.


Walay Igsoon, by Juan Vilagonzalo, from 1912

This is a novel about Filipino emigrant workers, at that time being recruited to work on pineapple plantations in Hawaii, and deals with the loneliness, deprevations, and abuse that comes with it.


Soon, I will also post these to Project Gutenberg.

Since I'm preparing software to create ePub editions of these, I need a few phrases translated to Cebunano:

  • Cover Image
  • N.A. (Not Applicable)
  • Table of Contents
  • Title Page
  • Dedication (of a book)
  • Text
  • List of Illustrations





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