Need help between difference of Katulogon and katulgon

Well I'm actually bisaya but I just have a question regarding these kinds of words that undergo the morphological process of deletion.

Like for example between katulogon and katulgon. These two are of the same meaning well ang meaing kay sleepy, but the one I'm confused with is why do we still need to delete 'o' in tulog that will result in katulgon even if katulogon is acceptable or correct already? Is it because of the formulation of the sentence on which these words will be used? Or is it just for making the word easier to pronounce?

Another question also na basin makatabang gamay sa ako gi pasabut sa ako first explanation if medyu libug tu siya - I checked these two words here using the dictionary and they result in the same meaning.. but I do not understand something in one of the parts of the output for the word katulgon na wala sa output sa katulogon na word which is

this one - lg

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katulogon, o katulgon by langyaw (not verified)
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syncope by litogo
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