Can I ask some advices my dear readers and bloggers?
Is it right to still love the person even you know that he has someone else?
Is it true that when a person ashame to look at you, he has a feeling for you?

Oh my God.I want to be, to be....nonono.....
tutubi, mabuti pa.
Free to do everything...can express the feelings to the flowers, can kiss, can hug, and can touch the soft skin.
Be with the flowers all night and day long,
Always at side ready to protect the insects.

i DREAM Maybe for nothing ..nothing i can do..nothing would i do and nothing should i do...cause i know that it never to be happen...dream is a dream no reality...
Who is the guy reserve for me? Who is he? is he still alive or i will meet him in heaven?
Am i deserve to be loved by someone? or to serve the lord as a nun?
Can i ask some signs in order to lessen the burdens and doubts in my mind?
Can you give me a song of melody?
Can you sing it while you say...
i don't love you.
Can you stop me loving you..
Can you do some favor for me?
Please do get discouraged me, that this feeling will gone through the way.
Please avoid me to see you, cause it contribute to love you deeper.
Please don't show, that you feel something for me...


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