My Trip to Bohol Island

By: Sindy

(Excerpt from CELISTIAL June - July 2009 issue)

My favorite trip is coming.Saturday morning, my friends and I assembled in the Celi’s lobby at 8:30 A.M. We waited for the bus that will take us to the pier. Everyone was expecting this trip.After two hours on the boat voyage, we arrived in Bohol Island smoothly. Even though it was raining, we still felt happy and excited.

The driver took us to the Loboc River First, but there were too many people during lunch time.We decided to change the schedule temporarily. Then we came to a special place, and watched the most famous animal ``Tarsier’’ there.Tarsiers are a kind of monkey with very big eyes.They are really very small and cute. They are not hyper,and never move almost. I think maybe they are not really lazy. They are hardly workingfor their jobs. So they are always still and just move their necks to face many cameras everyday.They always open their big and bright eyes to be professional models. Anyway the tarsiers catch my attention successfully. I really love them.

After visiting the tarsiers, we went back to the Loboc River. We had a very special experience to eat lunch on the river. We rode a boat and ate buffet. During the meal time, there were a guitarist and a singer singing for us. Their voices were really good and gave us relaxed feelings.We can enjoy the beautiful view, delicious food and joyful music at the same time. I won’t forget it easily.

The third place we arrived was Baclayon church. It was built in 1727,and it was the oldest coral stone church in the region. How lucky we were! When we arrived there, we saw a couple of newly wed. The bride wore a pretty long white gauze, and there was so much happiness on her face. The groom was also a handsome guy. I think they’ll live together happily until their hair become black.

Then, we came to our hotel that was near the sea. I order a beef steak and a cup of coconut juice for dinner. We can eat dinner and listen to the voice of the sea wave. during the dinner time, it rained again. I don’t worry about the rain falling. I enjoyed the natural and harmonious music in this beautiful night.Sunday morning, we finished the breakfast at 9:00 A.M. We went to the beach with pure and white sand. The sun was shining upon the sea. Everything became dazzling and bright. I took many photos there.

After a short beach time, we decided to ride a small boat and went to visit another island. The boater took us near an island. We wore the life vests and swimming glasses. Then we jumped into the sea. I watched many kinds of fishes and colorful corals under the sea. The diver performed a splendid feeding show for us.He dived into the deep sea, and ripped the bread in his hands. Then there were many fishes swimming to him quickly. It looked like a dancing party under the sea.

We enjoyed every activities in Bohol Island. It was really a special and wonderful trip experience for me. Someday I will come back to Philippine, and I will visit Bohol Island again.


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