Lee Sang Gu Experience in CELI

By: Lee Sang Gu

When I went to a university in Korea, I felt that English is a very important subject to those who are studying engineering. Since I have passed the university exam, I have never studied English. Hence, my English skill was not improved. One day, I had a chance to think about the dream that I had. A dream cannot come true without effort. I had to consider what kind of job I will get for my plan. I thought that I was no longer an impulsive person. That’s why I decided to go to Cebu where there’s an English environment. I was able to find a job easily because there were lots of jobs that were related to my major. After that, I operated some machine in the subway. But it was a very difficult job to deal with many workers under me. After six month, I accumulated a lot of money which makes it possible for me to go abroad. I reserved an airplane ticket. I had to discuss my plan with my girlfriend. She also had a plan to go to Australia for English. We supported each other. Though it was not easy for us to be away from each other, in the long run, it’s a good choice for me.When I came to Mactan airport, there were lots of people who were waiting for their customers and students. It was a very exciting experience, I thought. I met my first roommate after I arrived and then I arranged my things in my area of the room. My first roommate was Japanese who has good English skill. At that time, he helped me with many things even though he was younger than me. Because of him I could improve my way of studying. After two weeks, he left. I was sick for two weeks. My second roommate was also Japanese but he was older than me. When I saw him, I was puzzled because I didn’t know how to stay in my room with someone who looks like my father. In my memory, he was a very sincere person that’s why I could learn the most important outcome in CELI. There was not a trick in his effort. My last roommate is a Vietnamese. He is John. In my opinion, he is usually naïve even though some people criticize him. Since he came to my room, we could converse with each other. When I felt gloomy, he often entertained me. He is like a real family to me. Because of him, I always feel comfortable. I want to thank them for making me realize that relationships are important in our lives.

My stay in Cebu is over. I already obtained lots of experiences and friends who have different nationalities. Sometimes the experience can help me like a reference book does. When I decided to go to the Philippines, almost all of my friends warned me about the negative experiences. I think I have kept my promise to be a diligent student. I’m proud of myself. There are lots of methods on how to study English. Many teachers in CELI have taught me, even some local citizens in Cebu. Because of that, my English skill is improved. I can’t forget many happenings in CELI. And my friends…they are my treasures which makes me retrace my fantastic memories in Cebu. That’s why I can go back to Korea happily.