Kalawisan Fishing Village

Two of the things I like most are yummy food and go somewhere wild for fishing. I was eager to find out the places which can serve these few things in Cebu. Last week, my teacher Jennifer told me there is a place that serves what I want; it’s called “Kalawisan Fishing Village”. So I went to there last weekend.

It really took a long time from the Celi to “Kalawisan Fishing Village” by a cab. I even slept in cab, I was dreaming about running away from the food of school and going to get some big Lapu-lapu fish, crab, shrimp, ate them and then I saw the blue sky, white clouds. I was so excited when I woke up. I couldn’t wait, there was something that dropped from my mouth. However we got in the blue fishing village. At that time, a middle aged lady came up to us and said kindly, “I’m sorry everything here was already sold out, we don’t have any food anymore. Please come back next time”.

We came back to school sadly. One of my friends said, “Don’t be sad. There are some foods at the cafeteria”. So we went to the cafeteria, when we looked at the food, we got much sadder. My friend said, “At least there are still some meat”.