How Well Do You Know Your Neighbor?

Kids’ Camp: Welcoming Visitors or Little Rascals?

by: Oh, Hyejung “J”

On July 19 (Sunday), some unavoidable noise woke some CELI students up in the middle of the night. Where was the noise from? Some students in their pajamas with messy hair soon spotted that eighty-two students and twelve guardians just landed in CELI Island. That peaceful and quiet Mactan Island has started to be crowded. In other words, Kids’ camp has just started. ALERT, CELI students! This place is not our cozy shelter anymore for a good while.

Camp kids are supposed to stay at CELI for six weeks at maximum. Some have four-week camp program, the others have six-weeks. They are all from Korea, aged 8 to 14 years old, consisting of elementary and middle school students. As of July 24, they all stay at CELI residence with existing students. Kids’ camp program provides four regular classes for campers- 1on1 class, two 1on 4 classes, and 1on 8 group class with a native teacher. Mostly, the class starts at 8 a.m. and ends 5:50 p.m.

They also have extracurricular classes after the regular classes. Korean guardians help students keep an English diary or teach mathematics at PC room on the ground floor every night. On weekends, they have group activities outside CELI residence such as wall climbing, island hopping, bowling, shopping, and the like. So chances are we can enjoy quiet residence for a while on weekends.

So, why do choosy Korean parents select CELI as their kids’ camp? Well, the location is considered as safer place than Cebu city. Also, its easy-access to the beach and resorts is said to be one of the advantages of CELI kids’ camp.

CELI students, we would like to ask you how your day is these days. Are you getting used to the children? No matter what your answer is either ‘YES’ or ‘No’, I have to say that it is too early to be tired of kids. Twenty-four more children are scheduled to be coming on July 27. Fortunately, one good news is they will stay at Casablanca. Their course is supposed to end in three weeks. So, do not panic. Just enjoy the rest of your stay here!