Helpful Hints on How to Study English

Helpful Hints on How to Study English
By: Teacher Dina Lao

Learning a new language is not easy. However, if you are willing to spend enough time to do it then I know that it will be realized. I have prepared some practical suggestions for studying effectively, overcoming anxiety and practicing skills necessary for English language learning. These are:

1. STUDY everyday! I know you can do it. Hehehe…

2. DISTRIBUTE your study time. Make a study timeline and focus on a different task each time: vocabulary now, grammar next, etc.

3. ATTEND and PARTICIPATE in every class even if you are not well-prepared. The best opportunity for you to practice English is in your class.

4. Make yourself COMFORTABLE in the classroom. Get to know your classmates so with your teachers, so you will feel you are among friends.

5. LEARN GRAMMAR if you don’t know it. Grammar is the skeleton of a language; it’s the basic structure of any given language so you must study it!

6. PRACTICE for tests.

7. DEVELOP a POSITIVE attitude. Leave perfectionism at the door, give yourself permission to commit mistakes and learn from them.

8. GET HELP if you need it. Talk with your teachers. Form study groups among classmates or friends.
So, continue practicing English because practice makes PERFECT! If you have the passion and determination so you’re on your peak to SUCCESS! Soar high! Hehehe.. Aja! Gambaru! Quyet thang