Help wanted at Project Gutenberg Distributed Proofreaders for Cebuano Project

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I am trying to get more reading materials in Cebuano available, also to help myself and other in their efforts to learn the language. All results will be posted to Project Gutenberg. (e.g. the story Larawan, or Wolff's dictionary)
Currently, I've added an old Cebuano play, Ang dila sa babaye, by Vincente Sotto, dating back to 1905 Since the quality of the available scans is extremely low, the first round it needs to be typed, and some knowledge of the language will be helpful in reconstructing some badly scanned words.
If you can help, please surf to Distributed Proofreaders, register yourself, and look-up the text.
If you have any pre-1923 book in Cebuano, you are able to scan, please tell me, and I'll get it on Distributed Proofreaders and then Project Gutenberg as well.
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