Help wanted digitizing Wolff's Cebuano dictionary

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For many years, I've been running a small Philippine dictionary on my website Although this is used quite often, it is fairly limited, and of a rather low quality.

Recently, I've added a large dictionary for Hiligaynon on the site, available This is nothing less than the complete text of Kaufmann's 1934 Visayan-English dictionary, which, although it shows its age, is still very useful, and includes sample sentences for most Hiligaynon words. Both a searchable interface and a downloadable PDF file are available.

Now, I want to do the same for Cebuano, and started a project to digitize Wolff's excellent dictionary, published in 1972 (With permission of the Prof. John U. Wolff). Since this is such a large work, I would like to invite your help.

For now we need help from volunteers and students to correct the text derived from page-images using OCR (optical character recognition) software. To help, you can follow the following steps.

1. Go to the site
2. Register yourself as a member (link in top right of welcome page), and sign in.
3. Carefully read the proofreading guidelines at
4. Go to the P1 (Proofreading Round 1) page. (link in top left of activity hub page).
5. Locate the dictionary in the available projects list. (Search for Wolff in your browser)
6. Open the project page for the dictionary.
7. Carefully read the special instructions for this dictionary on the PGDP wiki.
8. Start proofreading, cleaning up the output of the OCR software.

The dictionary will go through no less than five rounds of proofreading, so in the end, we will have a digital text with a very high level of accuracy. This text I will use to create a searchable interface similar to that for Kaufmann on my site.

Contact me if you have any questions. If I can obtain more dictionaries, I will also add them to this site.


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