Eccentric Nori

By: Ami Morinaga “Ami”

DongSu Kim “Din”

HyeJung Oh “J”

Noritaka Tsutsumi also known as (a.k.a) Nori, a

Japanese student in Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI)

traveled from SM City – Cebu to CELI Residences on foot.

It sounds absolutely challenging but he did it anyway.

Our group conducted an interview with him at C-Spot about his journey.

Literary Arts Club (LAC): We have heard that you hiked from SM City to CELI. It sounds quite a long journey. Why did you choose to walk by yourself?

Nori: Actually, I studied Architecture in university, so I was curious about Filipino houses. That’s why I decided to walk back to CELI.

LAC: When was that?

Nori: That was June 20, Saturday at around 12 noon.

LAC: How long did it take?

Nori: I think, it took me about four hours.

LAC: Were there any obstacles for you while walking?

Nori: Not really. Actually, a lot of people think that it is dangerous to walk around in Mactan or Cebu City especially if we’re alone but I don’t agree with that because I didn’t feel threatened at all while walking. Contrary to our expectations, many Filipino people are kind and very friendly. I have actually an interesting story about that during my trip. When I was walking down the street, I got thirsty to death. But I had nothing to drink at that time. So, the only thing I could do was just to keep on walking. But suddenly one Filipino called me and gave me a bottle of coke for free. How lucky I am! I love this kind of unexpected experience.

LAC: As you’ve mentioned earlier, you studied Architecture in Japan. What do you think about Filipino houses?

Nori: Um… I think some Filipino houses look dangerous and unsafe. If typhoon or storm approaches to the ocean, most slums will be swept away. Besides, other houses are also easy to be ruined by natural disasters like earthquake, flood, and typhoon. In my country, Japan, the earthquake happens a lot. So, Japanese people have been striving to develop the technology of the architecture.