CELI at Tambuli

CELI at Tambuli
By: Jung Young Suk (Diane)

Last Saturday all students joined activities. Actually I don’t like sports so I didn’t think of joining but I was motivated to join our activities. I arrived in Tambuli beach at 8:40 by jeepney. Jeepney always surprises me because I can ride or get off anytime, anywhere. It is small but it carries many passengers. Tambuli beach is very beautiful. Blue sea, white boats, children playing at the sea shore and people swimming. I’d like to just have a relaxing time. I walked around the beach and took pictures with Dianna, Ann, Johnny, Joy and Lynn. It was the first time I met Johnny and They’re from Taiwan. Johnny is funny and friendly.

At 10:00, the teams were called and the games started. The first game was limbo rock. All students played. And my team won two times but many other students were successful. I failed because I don’t have a flexible body. The winner for the first game was Le. Le is my teammate. The second game was touch ball. It has a different rule in Korea and Japan. In our rule, it’s ok to either catch the ball or not let the ball touch any body part. But in the Philippines, the player is out when he catches the ball. At 12:00, lunch time is on ….oh I was happy! All students cooked their traditional foods. Vietnamese students cooked the summer roll(Goi Cuon). I have eaten such in Korea. Summer roll has many ingredients but it’s delicious and a healthy food. Japanese students cooked Okonomiyaki. It’s made of pork, noodles, cabbage and cheese. It looks like pizza and it’s rich in taste and little salty. Korean students cooked Grilled Galbi, Kimbap and Jumugbap. We made a special sauce last Thursday for Saturday’s event. I cooked spinach, eggs and carrot for Kimbap. It was hard because I used a weak burner. Some students and some teachers took pictures while we’re cooking. Mostly, people were interested about Kimbap. I made Jumugbap from leftover ingredients of Vietnamese group. Edger cooked Grilled Galbi. But we didn’t show the process and we missed it.

After lunch, we took a break. Then Korean students presented Teakwondo. Teakwondo is a martial art form and sport that uses the hands and feet for attack and defense. The focus of Teakwondo is on training and disciplining the mind along with the body. And then we did seawater game. I joined the game. The rule is to use only the hands to fetch water and transfer to the basin. My team used our mouths and hands for victory. Well the winner was my team! Seawater taste was terrible! My mouth was so salty. The last game was the longest line. Each team had 5 representatives to join. I also joined and brought a shirt, pants and towel. Someone brought chairs, long string, blanket, etc. But the emcee requested us to make the shortest line. It was suprising. All players were noisy and some members were carried on the back, stood up on chairs and some just formed a line close to each other. It was very exciting! After dinner, we had performances. Vietnamese introduced their traditional dance, the Rice Drum presentation. Japanese introduced their traditional sport ‘Sumo’ and ‘Kumi Taiso’. Three Korean guys introduced the popular song, “Nobody”. They wore dresses and danced. Everyone went crazy.

It’s still fresh in my mind. I spent one month at CELI and CELI gave me a good memories. Thank you.