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It has been awhile since I last logged in here, we all have to work and I've been busy. Not so recently I bought a book from Ateneo called 'Barangay' by William Henry Scott, check out the page here

I didn't really liked it at first because it was written and published from outside the Visayas. But as I have heard from feedbacks, they have as well have the same assumptions or presumptions and prejudice on the book, on the writer and the publisher. I thought that it would another crap. Since I have a few spare time this week I have decided to write something about the book.

The author William Henry Scott is an American, who wrote extensively on the Visayans 16th Century Culture and Society. You might think that its all about them Tagalogs again but this one is not. In fact very little of it is of the Tagalogs.

In succeeding blogs I will attempt to write a summary on the sections of the book, or talk about words today that does not really mean what it used to mean. A classic example would be 'Timawa' today it means the distitute or poor, back then these were the nobles.

If I must a rate the book from one to ten; its definitely a TEN.