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teleskopyo [ti.lis.kup.yu.] : scope (n.); telescope (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: telescopio: telescope ]

Derivatives of teleskopyo

n. (attribute)1. ambit, compass, orbit, range, reach, scopean area in which something acts or operates or has power or control:.; "the range of a supersonic jet"; "a piano has a greater range than the human voice"; "the ambit of municipal legislation"; "within the compass of this article"; "within the scope of an investigation"; "outside the reach of the law"; "in the political orbit of a world power"
~ extentthe distance or area or volume over which something extends.; "the vast extent of the desert"; "an orchard of considerable extent"
~ approximate range, ballparknear to the scope or range of something.; "his answer wasn't even in the right ballpark"
~ confinesa bounded scope.; "he stayed within the confines of the city"
~ contrastthe range of optical density and tone on a photographic negative or print (or the extent to which adjacent areas on a television screen differ in brightness).
~ internationality, internationalismquality of being international in scope.; "he applauded the internationality of scientific terminology"
~ latitudescope for freedom of e.g. action or thought; freedom from restriction.
~ purview, horizon, viewthe range of interest or activity that can be anticipated.; "It is beyond the horizon of present knowledge"
~ expanse, sweepa wide scope.; "the sweep of the plains"
~ gamuta complete extent or range:.; "a face that expressed a gamut of emotions"
~ spectruma broad range of related objects or values or qualities or ideas or activities.
~ palette, palletthe range of colour characteristic of a particular artist or painting or school of art.
n. (state)2. background, scope, settingthe state of the environment in which a situation exists.; "you can't do that in a university setting"
~ environmentthe totality of surrounding conditions.; "he longed for the comfortable environment of his living room"
~ canvass, canvasthe setting for a narrative or fictional or dramatic account.; "the crowded canvas of history"; "the movie demanded a dramatic canvas of sound"
~ show window, showcasea setting in which something can be displayed to best effect.; "it was a showcase for democracy in Africa"
n. (artifact)3. scope, telescopea magnifier of images of distant objects.
~ aperturea device that controls amount of light admitted.
~ astronomical telescopeany telescope designed to collect and record electromagnetic radiation from cosmic sources.
~ collimatora small telescope attached to a large telescope to use in setting the line of the larger one.
~ equatoriala telescope whose mounting has only two axes of motion, one parallel to the Earth's axis and the other one at right angles to it.
~ view finder, viewfinder, finderoptical device that helps a user to find the target of interest.
~ magnifiera scientific instrument that magnifies an image.
~ optical prism, prismoptical device having a triangular shape and made of glass or quartz; used to deviate a beam or invert an image.
~ solar telescopea telescope designed to make observations of the sun.
~ transit instrumenta telescope mounted on an axis running east and west and used to time the transit of a celestial body across the meridian.
n. (artifact)4. cathode-ray oscilloscope, cro, oscilloscope, scopeelectronic equipment that provides visual images of varying electrical quantities.
~ cardiac monitor, heart monitora piece of electronic equipment for continual observation of the function of the heart.
~ cathode-ray tube, crta vacuum tube in which a hot cathode emits a beam of electrons that pass through a high voltage anode and are focused or deflected before hitting a phosphorescent screen.
~ electronic equipmentequipment that involves the controlled conduction of electrons (especially in a gas or vacuum or semiconductor).
~ monitoring device, monitordisplay produced by a device that takes signals and displays them on a television screen or a computer monitor.
~ microwave radar, radar, radio detection and ranging, radiolocationmeasuring instrument in which the echo of a pulse of microwave radiation is used to detect and locate distant objects.
v. (contact)1. telescopecrush together or collapse.; "In the accident, the cars telescoped"; "my hiking sticks telescope and can be put into the backpack"
~ mash, squash, squeeze, crush, squelchto compress with violence, out of natural shape or condition.; "crush an aluminum can"; "squeeze a lemon"
v. (change)2. telescopemake smaller or shorter.; "the novel was telescoped into a short play"
~ condense, concentrate, digestmake more concise.; "condense the contents of a book into a summary"