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sikayatra : psychiatrist (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: psiquiatra: psychiatrist ]

Derivatives of sikayatra

n. (person)1. head-shrinker, psychiatrist, shrinka physician who specializes in psychiatry.
~ alienista psychiatrist and specialist in the legal aspects of mental illness.
~ psychoanalyst, analysta licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis.
~ medical specialist, specialistpractices one branch of medicine.
~ horney, karen danielsen horney, karen horneyUnited States psychiatrist (1885-1952).
~ jaspers, karl jaspers, karl theodor jaspersGerman psychiatrist (1883-1969).
~ charles frederick menninger, charles menninger, menningerUnited States psychiatrist who with his sons founded a famous psychiatric clinic in Topeka (1862-1953).
~ karl augustus menninger, karl menninger, menningerUnited States psychiatrist and son of Charles Menninger (1893-1990).
~ menninger, william claire menninger, william menningerUnited States psychiatrist and son of Charles Menninger (1899-1966).
~ harry stack sullivan, sullivanUnited States psychiatrist (1892-1949).