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sesyon [sis.yun.] : session (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: sesin: session ]

Derivatives of sesyon

n. (communication)1. sessiona meeting for execution of a group's functions.; "it was the opening session of the legislature"
~ group discussion, conferencea discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic.
~ sittinga session as of a legislature or court.
~ clinicmeeting for diagnosis of problems and instruction or remedial work in a particular activity.
~ closed session, executive sessiona session (usually of a legislative body) that is closed to the public.
~ hearinga session (of a committee or grand jury) in which witnesses are called and testimony is taken.; "the investigative committee will hold hearings in Chicago"
~ skull sessiona session (as of executives or advisors) to discuss policy or strategy or to solve problems or exchange ideas.
~ special sessiona session that is held in addition to the regular sessions.
~ tutoriala session of intensive tuition given by a tutor to an individual or to a small number of students.
n. (time)2. academic session, academic term, school term, sessionthe time during which a school holds classes.; "they had to shorten the school term"
~ academic year, school yearthe period of time each year when the school is open and people are studying.
~ terma limited period of time.; "a prison term"; "he left school before the end of term"
~ summer schoolan academic session during the summer; usually for remedial or supplementary study.
~ semesterone of two divisions of an academic year.
~ trimesterone of three divisions of an academic year.
~ quarterone of four periods into which the school year is divided.; "the fall quarter ends at Christmas"
n. (act)3. sessiona meeting devoted to a particular activity.; "a filming session"; "a gossip session"
~ coming together, meetingthe social act of assembling for some common purpose.; "his meeting with the salesmen was the high point of his day"
~ class period, course session, recitationa regularly scheduled session as part of a course of study.
n. (group)4. seance, session, sittinga meeting of spiritualists.; "the seance was held in the medium's parlor"
~ spirit rapping, table rapping, table tappingalleged form of communication with spirits of the dead.
~ table lifting, table tilting, table tipping, table turningmanipulation of a table during a seance; attributed to spirits.
~ get together, meetinga small informal social gathering.; "there was an informal meeting in my living room"