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salbador [sal.ba.dur.] : savior (n.)
[ Etymology: Spanish: salvador: savior ]
Synonyms: mangluluwas

Derivatives of salbador

n. (person)1. christ, deliverer, good shepherd, jesus, jesus christ, jesus of nazareth, redeemer, savior, saviour, the nazarenea teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth; his life and sermons form the basis for Christianity (circa 4 BC - AD 29).
~ logos, son, wordthe divine word of God; the second person in the Trinity (incarnate in Jesus).
~ jew, hebrew, israelitea person belonging to the worldwide group claiming descent from Jacob (or converted to it) and connected by cultural or religious ties.
~ prophetsomeone who speaks by divine inspiration; someone who is an interpreter of the will of God.
~ el ninothe Christ child.
n. (person)2. deliverer, rescuer, savior, savioura person who rescues you from harm or danger.
~ messiah, christany expected deliverer.
~ benefactor, helpera person who helps people or institutions (especially with financial help).